Why Choose The University of Law?

If you have decided to pursue a career practicing English law, then the University of Law is a great option. This world-leader amongst professional law schools offers qualifications which often lead to global careers. It has trained more lawyers qualified in English law than any other institution, and it works closely with 90 out of the top 100 law firms in the UK. This extensive network facilitates extra-curricular activities such as pro-bono work, external placements, and professional mentoring. The university prides itself on using dynamic teaching methods to encourage its students to act and think like lawyers. The University of Law has nine modern law schools, each located in commercial centres and linked to leading local law firms. It also recruits international students from the top five UK universities.

Entry Requirements

As well as the appropriate academic qualifications required to enter the University of Law’s LLB, GDL, and MA law courses, international applicants may be required to show proof of fluency in spoken and written English.

Students who have the equivalent to a UK degree from what is classified as a majority English speaking country need not produce proof of their English fluency. Please visit the university’s dedicated International Students Information webpage to find out the requirements for your country of origin.

International student applicants from non-majority English-speaking countries will need to send a certified copy of an approved English language test, or take the University of Law English Test (ULET).

For students who need to improve their English language ability to meet the language entry requirements for their chosen degree course, the university offers a Pre-Sessional English Language Course. This may be 7 or 12 weeks long, depending on your English level. For more information, please visit the university’s English Language Courses page.

How To Apply

The application process varies depending on your course choice. In general, you will either make your application through the UK’s UCAS (University and College Admissions) organisation or directly. As one of the University of Law’s educational agents, we can help you with your application.

For full details on how to apply for your chosen course, please visit How to Apply for an Undergraduate Course or How To Apply For Postgraduate Degree on the university website.

If you are applying through UCAS, please visit their online website. You will need to provide supporting documents describing your academic qualifications and also the relevant proof of English language competency. You will also need academic references and a personal statement, copies of your passport and visa details along with information about your funding, if appropriate.


Please visit the university’s website for details of scholarships for which you might be eligible. There is a general Scholarships and Bursaries section as well as a dedicated International Scholarships and Bursaries section for you to browse.

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