Anglia Ruskin University – How To Apply

Anglia Ruskin University – How To Apply

Why choose Anglia Ruskin University?

Anglia Ruskin University is a modern, global university which provides its students with qualifications that are recognised the world over. The Research Excellence Framework recognises 12 areas in which Anglia Ruskin University’s research is ‘world-leading’. These subjects are: Allied Health Professions; Dentistry; Nursing and Pharmacy; Architecture; Built Environment and Planning; Art and Design; History, practice and theory; Business and Management studies; Communication, Cultural and Media studies, Library and information management; English language and literature; Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology; History; Law; Music, Drama, Dance and Performing arts; Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience; and Social Work and Social Policy. Times Higher Education named Anglia Ruskin University as the UK ‘Entrepreneurial University of the Year’ in 2014. Higher Education strategy consultants recognised Anglia Ruskin as one of the world’s top 20 ‘rising stars’ in the field.

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Anglia Ruskin University – Entry Requirements

Anglia Ruskin University welcomes students from all over the world. The entry requirements for its courses vary depending on the subject of study selected, and the interested student should visit the website of Anglia Ruskin to discover the details and learn how the qualifications offered by their home countries compare with the entry requirements. Tuition at Anglia Ruskin University is in English and students will be expected to have fluent written and spoken English and will also be expected to furnish proof of these qualifications. Again, the details of the qualification required vary according to the type of course and the interested student should consult Anglia Ruskin University’s website. Additionally, you may discover that the university has local representatives close to you and that they will be holding an event in a city which you can visit.

Anglia Ruskin University – How To Apply

The application process for Anglia Ruskin University is described as fairly straight-forward and can be accessed in detail at the university’s website. A basic outline of the process follows: the first step, of course, is to choose your course. The list of those available is extensive and easily discovered. Once you have made this choice you should again visit the university’s website and either apply online or download the application form. You will also find details of the supporting documents that you will require, which will include copies of your relevant academic certificates, an academic reference, a personal statement and copies of your passport and visa. When you have carefully completed the form, return it to Anglia Ruskin University’s applications team, either electronically or via the regular mail.

Anglia Ruskin University – Scholarships For International Students

Anglia Ruskin University offers a wide variety of scholarships for international students. Again, the details of who is eligible vary according to the individual award and specific details for these scholarships can be found at the university’s website on the appropriate page. Here are some of the scholarships that are available and for which you may be able to apply. Whatever, as an international student, you will be automatically considered for the following ARU scholarships: the International Merit Scholarship, which is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students; postgraduate students will be automatically considered for International Alumni Scholarships; all international students will receive an International Early Payment Discount; postgraduate students may also be eligible for an MBA Scholarship.

Anglia Ruskin University scholarships for which the international student must apply include the International Excellence Scholarship, available for undergraduates and postgraduates; the GREAT International Scholarship for postgraduates; Sports Scholarships are also available for qualified students. Other scholarships are available from such bodies as Postgrad Solutions study bursaries, Global Study Awards and Chevening. Again, full details can be found from the university, or from the UK Council for International Students Affairs (UKCISA).

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