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Services for students  

We are committed to our students for providing the right information with the best possible choice. We offer educational Counselling by experienced and committed student consultants.

We will cater to students from all localities; this includes home students, EU students and International students.

We help students find the best direction for their further studies.

We will complete all the necessary paperwork

We will consider a wide range of possibilities to find the correct course for the student. This could be an foundation course, an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, or an advanced degree like an MBA or a MSC.

We will arrange interviews and examinations, as required.

We will help with visa assessment, scholarships, credit transfers, students loans and maintenance support.

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Services for Institutions  

Shabuj Global is committed to our Contacted educational providers and we will promote their courses to international students

We will provide our customers with local market intelligence and regular feedback on market trends.

We will provide information to our prospective students about the additional materials which you provided for your courses.

We will guide prospective students in completing applications for admission to your institution.

We will follow your institution’s relevant policies and the British Council’s Codes of Practice relating to international students recruitment and admission.

We will ensure that students are advised about and only apply for those of your courses for which they possess the necessary academic entry qualifications.

We will ensure that mutually agreed targets for recruitment are met every year.

We will promote you by providing adverts and editorials in every prospective student’s local language daily newspaper, and also in local language education-related magazines and other publications.

We will attend Educational Fairs.

We will organise spot admission in all our offices.

You are a student? If your answer Yes then start your journey now

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Services for Agents  

We will make sure our agents are involved in Shabuj Global

We will organise training for all our agents in the UK and other locations.

We will share Universities’ promotional kits with our agents.

We will update students’ roles once we are updated by the universities or the British Council.

We will perform our research through the participation of our agents.

We will share our marketing, promotional and business development policies with our agents.

We will consider the feedback of international students through our agents to improve our service.

We will ensure that all our international agents can manage their applications through our agent login facilities at

International students can meet Westminster, one of the top 100 most international universities in the world